Our Methodology

Primary Education our Prime Concern

Among the first steps in cognitive development of your child, the pre-nursery and nursery play a vital role. For little children at Annie Besant School, great emphasis is laid on maintaining a playful environment conducive to learning. There is a dedicated staff of Montessori-trained teachers for the Play School, Nursery and K.G. classes. In these primary levels, we follow the Montessori system which is based on the play and learn concept.

The basic concepts of colours, shapes, alphabets, counting, social etiquettes and interaction skills are kept in tune with each and every child’s cognitive development stages. With a separate playground for the Play School children, the activity based primary education, at Annie Besant School, enables the children to communicate and comprehend the world around them.


  • Personal attention with two teachers and one maid per class.
  • Training through Montessori apparatuses in Montessori lab.
  • Every class equipped with audio-Visual aid.
  • Smart classes to enhance extra knowledge.
  • Less bag weight as many books and copies are retained in the school.

Primary Education our Prime Concern

  • Enhanced learning through smart – classes.
  • No load of Homework.
  • Exposure to various tests.
  • Emphasis on spoken and Written English.
  • Child centered education and activities for overall development.

Middle & Higher Secondary (VI- X)

  • Mastering Subjects with practical training.
  • Spoken and written English.
  • Project work, Extracurricular activities.
  • Emphasis on overall grooming.

Uses of Smart classes for proper concept development.Senior Secondary School (XI-XII)

  • Selecting Branches.
  • Foundation building.
  • Preparation for competitive Exams.
  • Projects, assignments and seminars.